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Wood Floor Installation

At Rocky Mountain Hardwood Floors, our specialty lies in our name - hardwood.

For over 20 years we have assisted homeowners and builders alike to find the best selection of hardwood flooring for the job as well as installation. 


New Installation

The installment process of a hardwood floor will depend on the type of subfloor that you have within your home, as well as the type of hardwood that you plan to install. 

Our experts are experienced and trained to install all types of hardwood flooring, including pre-finished and unfinished hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate. We will gladly work with you in order to decide which type of flooring material will be best for your purpose and will work for your budget as well.


There is nothing like a beautiful set of hardwood stairs to complete the look.

008 (2)_edited.jpg
008 (2)_edited.jpg


Have hardwood floors already but want to add on. Hardwood is the only product available to create a seamless transition.

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