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Life happens and sometimes things happen within our homes that we have no control over, unfortunately. Damage to hardwood floors is no exception. If you have noticed that you have damaged wood floors, then look no further than the flooring experts at Rocky Mountain Hardwood Floors.


Major Repairs

​Our company is a licensed and insured flooring company, and we have acquired more than 20 years of industry experience. We are familiar with all of the nuances of hardwood floors, and can repair or replace just about anything.

Adding On to Existing Floors

Adding on or replacing damaged board is our specialty. See gouges in your floor boards, or deep scratches in your wood floors. We make it look like it never happened.


Water Damage

If your hardwood floors have received water damage from an unfortunate water leak, or if you have noticed floor boards that are uneven or warped, don’t give up hope. Our team of experts have the skills needed, the industry training, and the equipment to take care of all of your hardwood floor repairs.

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